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“Chiu's nervy and unflinchingly honest, compulsively-readable novel unapologetically prizes female sexuality, ambition and creativity in such a way the reader can't help but imagine what designing your life for yourself would look like, if you wouldn't be punished for wanting it all.

–Elissa Schappell, author of Blueprints for Better Girls and Use Me

“In this mesmerizing and unflinching novel, Christina Chiu offers a series of brilliantly curated moments, vivid examinations of the turning points in an extraordinary woman's life. Chiu fearlessly illuminates how love, integrity, and creativity can shape a world and bring wisdom.”
 – Lan Samantha Chang, author of Hunger and Inheritance

“Christina Chiu’s Beauty is beautiful in the way of a scalpel blade.  It’s that sharp and precise, that lacerating, that true.”
 – Michael Cunningham
     Pulitzer-Prize winning author of The Hours

Winner of the James Alan McPherson Award judged by Gish Jen, Beauty is about Amy Wong, an up-and-coming designer in the New York Fashion industry. She’s young, talented, beautiful. She should have it all—so why doesn’t she? Amy appreciates her sexuality, questions the boundaries she faces as an Asian American woman, and experiences life’s loves and losses. 

"I loved the way how naturally the many small moments accumulated into a life, and how fashion -- and especially shoes – came to seem integral to the protagonist's past, ambitions, and love."

– Gish Jen, author of Who's Irish? and winner of the Guggenheim Fellowship


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