For My Community

For My Community

One of the best aspects of having a website is that I get to stay connected to readers and fans like you. Building community is important to me. If you’d like me to read for an event or school, I’ll get to see you in person! Yeah. And I’m happy to meet or Skype  or Zoom with book groups, too. People who read and talk about books!—you’re my people. I love you. I also do a fair amount of teaching, editing, and coaching, so reach out if you need help. I’m there for you.

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For speaking engagements at your event or school, reach me here.

If you would like me to arrange and moderate a panel, contact me here.



Let's Zoom! For a Beauty discussion guide, zoom instructions, a lychee martini recipe, fan photos, giveaways, and other inquiries, contact me here.

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Coaching &

Editorial Consults

If you need coaching, editorial service, or want "Mining Your Diamonds" intensive.

For inquiries, contact me here.

Pen Parentis Literary Salon


The mission of Pen Parentis is to provide critical resources for working writers to help them stay on creative track after starting a family. The salon reading series is a crucial part of this mission. Not only does it give our authors a platform, but it connects them with a community. Writing can be isolating without a community, and it can be challenging to stay connected when one becomes a parent.

Aside from the salons, Pen Parentis has a weekly meet-up every Friday morning. Often, first time authors come, love what we do, return to future salons, then decide to become title members. I curate the series by theme and authors choose which salon resonate with them and their work. There are three, sometimes four, authors at each event. Very often, these clusters form tight bonds; they become lasting and meaningful friendships, ones in which authors can support and help one another.

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