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Kirkus Reviews:

Best Indie Fiction & Literature of 2020

"A sexy, unflinching portrait of a woman revolting against the life she makes for herself."


"What’s refreshing about the intergenerational motherhood narrative here is its eschewing of stereotypes." 


"Christina Chiu’s novel “Beauty” examines trauma, addiction and social inequality through one woman’s life journey."

Read this International Examiner review of Beauty to see why reviewers think its "angle is fresh and worth exploring"



"A sexy, unflinching portrait of a woman revolting against the life she makes for herself."

Read this starred KIRKUS review of Beauty!


Tupelo Quarterly Book Review

"Indestructible: Christina Chiu Gives Us A New Literary Heroine."

Read Tupelo Quarterly's review of Beauty and see why you need to read this novel.


Beauty featured in The Million's Most Anticipated of 2020

"The year has gotten off to a rocky start worldwide, but we hope this semi-annual Millions tradition will be a bright spot."

Read The Million's review of Beauty and see which other books you should also read this year.


"As our culture continues to grapple with the meanings and effects of the #MeToo movement, her voice is a courageous addition to our understanding of the intersections of race, gender, and sexual politics."

Read a review by Women's Review of Books and .see why Beauty comes so strongly recommended.


Beauty Recommended by Buzzfeed News

Buzzfeed News recommend Beauty along with 20 other novels in the article "21 Great Books From Small Presses To Read Now." 

Read why journalist Wendy J. Fox thinks you should pick up Beauty today. 




Buzzfeed Books includes Beauty in Memorial Day's "Which Book Should You Read This Weekend?" 

Editor Arianna Rebolini recommends Beauty For Your Reading List: "A sharp, thought-provoking, and unabashed look at sexuality, fashion and power dynamics, and how race and gender intersect with both.... Get your copy now!" 


Challenging boundaries of race, gender and sexuality

"Chiu said she would like women who read her book to consider that beauty is a feeling and an emotion. 'If you close your eyes and imagine something beautiful that makes you smile, or do something creative in which you lose yourself, it may make you feel infinitely more beautiful than all the products in the world.'”


Christina Chiu: The Trials of an Asian-American Fashion Designer

"Acclaimed novelist and fashion designer Christina Chiu delivers yet another heart-wrenching novel, using her work to explore often taboo themes such as sexuality, passion, and life through the perspective of an Asian American woman. The new novel, Beauty, features a young Asian-American woman facing the trials of life, all while handling mounting expectations from her family.”


“Beauty” by Christina Chiu

"Novelists are often admonished to “write what you know”; Christina Chiu instead decided to know what she wrote. The Asian-American writer now has a sideline as shoe designer, something she learned as an integral part of writing her most recent novel set in and around the fashion industry.”




Interviews & Profiles


Kirkus Profiles

"An Interview with Christina Chiu"

After the 2001 publication of her first book, the short story collection Troublemaker and Other Saints, author Christina Chiu...


Authority Magazine

"Living the Life You Want"

‘Beauty’ Author Christina Chiu: Live the life you want, and if you aren’t, do the inner work it takes to change; Never believe anyone who says, “That’s just the way it is”...


Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb

An interesting interview with literary blogger Deborah Kalb.

Book Shelf


"Designing a life over decades: Christina Chiu’s novel Beauty"

Read Medium's interview with Christina, where Lois Lane questions the author about shoes, Gen X, and her new book... 


The Rumpus

"Karmic Moments: A Conversation With Christina Chiu"

Read the extensive interview by Addie Tsai for The Rumpus on Christina and her new book, Beauty, and how it came to be... 


Zibby Owens

Instagram Live: Zibby Owens & Christina Chiu in Conversation

Watch or listen as Zibby Owens and Christina talk about Beauty and shoes in this short video of outtakes from Zibby's Instagram Live interview. 

Holding Tablet Computer


Twitter: Alia Volz hosts a #BookChatParty with Christina Chiu as guest

Read along with Twitter thread hosted by Alia Volz (@aliavolz) where people tweeted questions at Christina and wisdom is shared through the Twitter literary community.